Their story

After 20 years as a Special Operations Officer in the Navy, Billy Webb retired from service and reentered the work force. Working as Economic Development Coordinator, he discovered mushroom farming. In 2002, he cashed in his military savings to buy logs and set up an outdoor mushroom operation. By 2007, he had more than 18,000 logs in production. Following two years of record-breaking droughts, he set up an indoor growing system, enabling him to operated 10 times better than the outdoor log system and creating a year round supply of mushrooms.

Through Ohio Valley Food Connection, Creation Gardens and direct sales, Sheltowee Farm supplies 42 restaurants around Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati, a farmers' market, and other market vendors.

Products we source

Shiitake mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms
Hen of the woods
Chicken of the woods

Farm Practices

Certified organic

Sheltowee farm

   Bill Webb, Owner of Sheltowee Farm  Courtesy of Food and Dining Magazine


Bill Webb, Owner of Sheltowee Farm Courtesy of Food and Dining Magazine