Learn about some of our partner farms, what we source, and the farmers :



WHAT FARMS and entrepreneurs WE WORK WITH & WHY

- We look for farmers that are committed to growing the highest quality produce, meats, dairy, or artisanal products.

- We visit each farm to understand their growing practices, their philosophy, and their goals.

- We applaud the efforts of environmentally conscious farmers and seek them out. We also understand that for some farmers (or specific crops) getting certified, growing organically, and being profitable is not always in line with their needs and values.

- We prioritize local over organic.

- We want our community to be a place where farmers and chefs can thrive. It's our job to strike a balance between compensating farmers for their work while remaining a practical choice for our chefs. 

- For food artisans, we only select providers that are Cincinnati, Louisville and Lexington area start-ups, that source responsibly and care about the health and well being of their clients.