Local Food Connection is focusing on helping the restaurant community which has shown so much commitment and passion for sourcing locally. Local Food Connection initially met with over 20 restaurants, food specialty stores and caterers in the greater Cincinnati area to assess their interest and challenges in sourcing locally.  Our goal is be able to meet their needs. Our challenge: we will never compromise on quality for volume. That is a commitment we make to our partner farms, as well as our buyer.

Come visit some of the restaurants and chefs on our home page that are committed to offering the freshest and best tasting dishes for their clients, and are adding the Bluegrass and Ohio Valley's locally produced harvest to their menus.


Local Food Connection has partnered with Our Harvest Cooperative and Green Umbrella to provide a seamless offering of local farm products to corporations, schools, hospitals, and other institutions, to improve the taste, nutrition, and sustainability of their food offering. Thanks to a Local Food Promotion Program from the USDA, Local Food Connection can work with your organization to develop a local food program. For more information, contact Anne Schneider at


Households can have access to restaurant quality food, harvested-to-order, ready for pick-up in their neighborhood. No minimums, no commitments. Farmers get their orders and pack as they would for all other market outlets so the processes do not add additional costs. For more information, go to our Households section.