Napoleon ridge farm

Their story

   Tricia Houston, Farmer Owner at Napoleon Ridge Farm


Tricia Houston, Farmer Owner at Napoleon Ridge Farm

Tricia Houston owns a 28.5 acre and 3.3 acre sustainable farm located in Gallatin County, Kentucky. She strives to treat the animals, plants and earth on the farm with dignity and respect.  She engages in earth friendly agricultural practices, producing all natural fruits and vegetables. Her animals are free to roam their pastures and they are not subject to growth hormones or other harmful practices. They rarely use chemicals on the plants; when it is necessary they only use OMRI approved treatments. She also organizes educational events, like Butchery on the Farm, and has a prepared food business, The Farm Girl Chef.


Products we source

Bamboo shoots

Locust flowers

Sesame seeds


Herbs: Lemon balm, sorrel

Green beans

Specialty corn

Pecans, hazelnut

Gooseberry, elderberry, mulberry


Blackberry, raspberry

Savoy cabbage



Rattail radish

Eggplant (rosablanca, black beauty)



Farm Practices
- Exclusively Pastured, No hormones or antibiotics for animals