Mad Hare Market Garden is a small-scale farm in a European tradition, growing a variety of vegetable crops. The garden specializes in European heirloom varieties. The garden is located near Maysville, KY and is run by Malcolm Adair.


The garden uses organic methods and re-mineralization to grow nutrient dense food. The garden is of an artisan scale with a focus on producing the highest quality produce.

The re-mineralization program follows Steve Solomon and Erica Reinheimer recommendations in The Intelligent Gardener. From soil tests sulfur, zinc, copper and boron were found to be deficient and were replaced. Trace minerals have been added with applications of kelp meal. All fertilizer and minerals applied were ORMI compliant with the exception of phosphate.

For customer safety only plant based compost has been applied. To keep plants as clean as possible leaf vegetables are planted into a mulched bed and covered with a fabric row cover. Plants are regularly rinsed with a high pressure spray and irrigation is provided with potable water.






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