Finn Meadows Farm 

Mark and Claire of Finn Meadows Farm 

Mark and Claire of Finn Meadows Farm 


We are Claire and Marc Luff of Finn Meadows Farm.  We grow without the use of chemicals of any kind (neither synthetic or organic chemicals are used), and focus on building and maintaining excellent soil.  We want to leave the land better than we found it, and we do that through mulch gardening, composting heavily, and through rotational grazing of all of our animals.  Our goal is to supply healthy, nutritious food to our community, while improving the land that we farm.  We're a small family farm trying to make it on farming alone. You can find their products at the Hyde Park and Montgomery Farmers' Markets.

Farming Practices:

We started Finn Meadows Farm in 2011, and almost 5 years in our gardens are booming with produce.  We grow many, many types of vegetables, a great variety of which are heirloom.  Our cows are raised on pasture and never given grain.  They are 100% grass-fed.  We raise heritage chicken breeds (Rhode Island Red, Golden Buff, Barred Rock) for our laying hens, which after they are done laying we use as stewing hens.  Currently we raise cornish cross broilers on pasture too.  Our pigs are - you guessed it - rotated around the pasture.  They love to dig up roots and eat grass and bugs, and wallow in the mud pits that they create.  They are a mix of several heritage breeds - Berkshire, Red Wattle, and Duroc.  Animals fed grain are given non-GMO feed.  No antibiotics or hormones are routinely used.

Products We Source:

Sweet White Turnips (Hakurei)


Watermelon Radishes


Lettuce, loose red and green

Butter Chard