Sunflower Sundries farm was started in 1992 by Jennifer Gleason in Mason County Kentucky. Products are made by hand, on the farm, using no chemicals. Products include: herbal soap, fruit jam, coarse-grained mustard, pickled vegetables, and heirloom corn. We have a certified kitchen that is USDA inspected, where we produce our food products. We grow some of the fruit for the jams ourselves, the rest we buy from local farmers. At present we buy from 11 farms. We use organic and bio-dynamic practices, but we are not certified in either. We use no-till and low till, mulching, crop rotation, cover cropping, composting, dry land, low input principles in our farm management. Our farm is open to visitors, where you can view our operation.


We produce many products on our farm, all by hand, with traditional methods and modern approaches. We grow an acre of Hickory King corn, that we grind on our mill into cornmeal and grits (polenta) and make into Hominy. We have corn chips made for us from the corn. We make our jam from 2 ingredients: local fruit and organic sugar. We grow rhubarb, gooseberries, black currants and wild blackberries. Our mustard is made from organic mustard seed and ground fresh for each batch. We use local honey, sorghum and maple syrup in the mustard.


-Corn Chips


- Hominy

- Grits

Jennifer from Sunflower Sundries