Their story

Richard and Tina Boutall bought this ex-horse farm in September 2013. The farm dates back to the Revolutionary War grant made to George Rice.  Previously, Richard had worked 12 years in Canada on his beef, grain and dairy farm and a few years in England farming prior to that but had been looking for a farm in Kentucky, Tina’s home for the past few years. Tina has extensive experience with food retail and business management. The Boutall’s focus on quality and sustainability is the hallmark of their operation. They raise chicken, sheep, hogs, and cattle on 131 acres about one hour away from Cincinnati. Their farm is located on the hills and valleys of beautiful Gallatin and Carroll counties, with breathtaking views of the region.

You can also find his products at Friendly Market in Florence on Saturdays.


Products we source

Whole Cow Ground Beef

Farm Practices

Exclusively Pastured or woodland based(winters in roaming space indoors)
- Non-GMO grain for pigs and chicken
- No hormones
- No antibiotic

brookhill farms

   Richard Boutall, of Brookhill Farms


Richard Boutall, of Brookhill Farms