improvE and strengthen the local food economy

Through personal experience and countless conversations with farmers, chefs, and individuals, we have found there is a need for convenient ordering, selling, and distribution of top-quality food. That's why we're here.

We believe in strong partnerships with local groups, individuals, and communities that are already producing, purchasing, and enjoying local food. We view established members of the community as partners and mentors, not competition.  Groups like Slow Food Cincinnati, Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, Green Umbrella, Our Harvest Cooperative, CORV, Findlay Market, Turner Farms, and Green Acres inspire us by emphasizing quality, encouraging + utilizing local food sourcing, & providing education about where our food comes from.

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Alice Chalmers, Founder

Alice Chalmers, Founder

Alice founded Local Food Connection in 2015 because she wants to conveniently connect local food producers and buyers.  Alice spends most of her time meeting with chefs and farmers to find out what would best help them in their day to day tasks.

In 2005, after a career in Finance and Strategic Planning, Alice starting looking into the economics of rural communities, land use planning and the future of agriculture near metropolitan areas. She co-founded North County Preservation to help federate issue analysis and recommendations on those topics. She then spent three + years as Executive Director of Future Harvest CASA (Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture), promoting local sustainable farming, and creating connections between consumers, businesses and local farmers in the Chesapeake Bay area. She also served on the Board of the Maryland Agricultural Resource Council.

Anna Haas, Operations Manager

Anna has had a variety of experience in food and farming, from being an apprentice at Turner Farm, to working with chefs and at farmers' markets in Rhode Island. Anna runs much of the day to day connection between chefs and farmers, responding to chefs' requests and working to source from our farmers to meet those needs.

Anna's background is in teaching and writing. She has worked for a variety of not for profit organizations. She has lived on the East Coast and spent a significant amount of time in Europe. But she wanted to return to her roots here in Cincinnati to be close to family and friends, and to participate in the vibrant food movement that has taken over the Queen City.

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Carmelle Wasch, Assistant Food Hub Manager

Carmelle graduated from Xavier University in 2017. Carmelle has been working with Local Food Connection (LFC) as an intern since the fall of 2016. She has held multiple roles from repacking associate, to deliveries, to data analysis and representative at tabling events. She now focuses on managing orders, coordinating supply and demand, and working with new suppliers to help them get ready to sell through the LFC marketplace.

 Patsy Funke-Carter, Logistics Leader

Patsy is a veteran of the local food community in Kentucky. She grew up on her family's farm, and no stranger to the challenges and rewards of farming. She has a degree from University of Kentucky's School of Agriculture in Hospitality Management. She also managed one of LFC's partner farms, Cider Ridge Farm. She worked with Ouita Michel, a pioneer of local food sourcing, for several years. She currently oversees the aggregation and distribution of local food and helps with many other aspects of our logistics such as deliveries and inventory management.

Kristine Cahall-Dosch, Lead Procurement Specialist

Kristine fell into the Food Industry by mistake, but feels she's right where she needs to be. She studied Communication Management at the University of Dayton where she also became immersed in studying social justice, developing a particular interest in environmental justice. In 2016 she landed a position with Sidestreams Foundation, a Urban Agriculture nonprofit where she managed multiple projects and two production gardens. With that it all clicked... Agriculture is an area where huge environmental strides can be made and supporting small, sustainable farms is an avenue to do so and help the economic health of communities similar to where she was raised. Enter September, 2018 when she started with Local Food Connection to connect her passions and work to make a larger impact on a community and global level.

Megan DeBanto, Communications Manager

Megan graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a double major in Environmental Studies and Communication in 2017. Megan participated in three study abroad experiences while in her undergrad, including working as an intern for the Singapore Environment Council. She then worked as an Event Management intern with Green Umbrella, the region’s sustainability alliance. Megan has always been passionate about sustainability issues and is excited to be working in the local food industry to help strengthen the local food economy and create a more sustainable way of living. Megan started working with Local Food Connection in May of 2018 and is now focusing on communication and marketing for the team.

Emma Woughter, Local Food Specialist

Emma graduated from Cincinnati State in 2018 and now works as our local food specialist assisting our logistics leader.