“Thank you , I can’t wait to meet some of these farmers growing this beautiful produce I received. The tomatoes taste and look wonderful. The potatoes are making the best chips I’ve ever made . It’s awesome; thanks Local Food Connection for all that help .”
Curtis Chase, Chloe’s Eatery

We believe in the importance of a thriving local food economy

We provide chefs, institutional buyers, employers, and households with a way to source top-quality local food.

We partner with suppliers who share our farm-to-table philosophy to source those staples we can’t produce locally, our latest globally local initiative. 

We manage all customer service, ordering, and delivery.

We connect farmers to a network of active wholesale and retail buyers in the Bluegrass and in the Ohio Valley.

Hear from Chef Jose Salazar - Owner of Mita’s Downtown and Salazar’s in OTR -

speak about his incredible path as a chef, and the importance of using quality ingredients by clicking here.

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